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only if i could show you
January 19, 2011, 23:39
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when i was in the 5th grade my teacher told me that i was oversensitive, to which all i could offer was more tears. it hardened me…i remember so clearly thinking how dare she expose me to the entire class like that. i don’t know why that hard exterior was so important to me even then, but it was. i’ve always been hyper-sensitive to problems foreign to me – television commercials, newspaper articles, photos of dogs waiting to be adopted. you name it, i’ve shed a tear over it. i carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and sometimes it breaks me. but aside from every day trifles, i really try and keep personal dramatics on the low. i dare you to try and break me. and maybe it’s because of my stonefaced, coldhearted modus operandi that i am able to suppress my own bullshit; hold it up against the world’s bullshit, come to terms with its insignificance and move on. but, in doing so, i end up thinking about how the next generation will not know tigers…or honeybees…or quite possibly, swimming in the ocean…and the whirlwind in my stomach rises and blows right out of my eyes.


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