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even at their most open
November 29, 2010, 22:50
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though she may not show it, this woman cares a great deal about love. some women are content to leave love to fate but a capricorn woman takes a hand in determining her own fate. she is discriminating in her choice of men, the least likely of all zodiacal signs to fall in love at first sight. she has no time to waste in silly flirtation; love is a serious matter for her. if a man doesn’t measure up, she wants him out of her way. if a man does interest her, she will observe him from an emotional distance before moving closer. then takes the time to get to know him and considers carefully the consequences of her involvement. like all earth signs, she has a deep-rooted sensuality that flowers only when she feels safe & secure.

happiness in love is crucial. she wants someone who will cherish and understand her. who will not rob her of her self-sufficiency or ask her to relinquish control of her life goals. but she is a realist and knows how hard he is to find.

she will not put her neck in any man’s yoke. a capricorn woman may appear shy or submissive, but she is like a rubber ball. you can push a dent into it, but the ball always springs back to its original shape. she is self-disciplined; she has a clear mind, a commonsense approach. she is a most womanly woman, a lady with ‘class.’

if you have your mind set in winning a capricorn beauty, you’d better prepare for a long siege. she is not easy to win. she expects to be pursued, wooed, put in the mood. no don juan can leap into her bed and leap out again. if a man let the issue of sex become a contest of wills, he is a good bet to lose. in a head-to-head contest this woman could wear down a glacier.

capricorn women are not particularly lucky in love. perhaps they demand too much, perhaps they’re too involved with a career to inspire the kind of love & devotion they want, or perhaps the men they choose tend to be too inexperienced or naive. whatever the reason, it’s too bad because capricorn women, in addition to their sensuality, have many practical virtues. loyal, dependable, canny about people. they are very helpful to a mate and will stand by him when the going is toughest. all a capricorn woman asks in return is to share in the spoils when the battle is won.

her passions run deep and so does her impact. long after transitory affairs have run their courses, this smoldering siren will hold her place in a man’s affections. cherish her, honor her, love her, respect her.

(from this super ill astrology book i found on my girl vee’s bookshelf)


fare well
November 25, 2010, 00:47
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la dernière valse du 14 juillet 1949, paris. robert doisneau.

this is a post that i started quite some time ago, found amongst the 66 drafts i have going. i started it when i was going through a phase where i was pondering suicide a lot. the concept, not the act. it’s repercussions, it’s validity, it’s reasons, it’s benefits. i read this article about a man in the amazon who is the last surviving member of his tribe, everyone else was killed by greedy foresters. for 15 years now, FIFTEEN YEARS,  he has been waking-living-sleeping-repeating alone, every day, alone. think about that for a minute. it’s so easy for me to say that suicide would have been my clear choice in that situation and though suicide is almost an impossible subject to approach, we all have our ideas about it and yet any conclusions that we form about it can be so easily shattered. maybe he feels like he still has something to live for and maybe suicide was just never a part of his society and maybe we just have no idea and will never have any idea. in some societies, suicide is as noble as it is necessary. and then there are situations where maybe there are people relying on you and for that reason alone you should not do it…

but what if no one is relying on you to love them or mother them or feed them? what if there cometh a time where you feel your mind or body failing? where you feel at peace and ready to die without the embarrassment of the ravages of disease or age? should you then not have the right to bow out gracefully?

while i was wrestling these thoughts, i was reading farewell waltz by the great milan kundera. he swept in and summed up for me so clearly what i had been trying to wrap my head around.

“what is it?” asked olga.
jakub savoured the young woman’s inquiring silence for a moment and then went on: “i’ve had this tablet for more than fifteen years. after my year in prison, there was one thing i understood. you need to have at least one certainty: to remain in control of your own death and of the ability to choose its time and manner. with that certainty, you can put up with a lot of things. you know you can get away from people whenever you want…in this country you never know when you’re going to need a thing like that. and then, for me it was a matter of principle. every person should be given a poison tablet on the day he reaches maturity. a solemn ceremony should take place on that occasion. not to prompt him to suicide, but, on the contrary, to allow him to live more securely and serenely. to live knowing he’s in control of his own life and his own death.”


mob mentality
November 12, 2010, 01:09
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have you seen exit through the gift shop? if not, go go go go rent steal rob whatever you need to do, but go see that shit. banksy stay winnin’. but i’m not here to talk to you about banksy, you can read all about him at urban outfitters or chapters or something. no, i’m here to make sure you know about mobstr. the comparisons between him (her?) and banksy are easy to make so let’s not undermine our collective intelligence with that and instead celebrate what he’s bringing to the table.
this ‘playing with the buff man’ set is really beautiful to me.
you can peep mobstr’s portfolio here and his flikr here.
he’s got clever wordplay & his shadow work is too ill.
maybe he’s the rza.

change is the only constant(inople)
November 10, 2010, 22:15
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i had decided istanbul would by my next trip quite some time ago. no real reason, but you know how sometimes you’re just invariably drawn to a place and you just feel as though you might really do well there? inexplicable forces drew me there and since then many little omens have validated that initial gut feeling. and it all suddenly came full circle with the news of my long-time boyfriend, allen iverson, signing a 2-year deal with beşkistaş, the turkish national basketball team. so, at the persistence of the universe, two of my dreams will simultaneously be fulfilled. ooh. wee. can’t wait!

nothing like this
November 10, 2010, 10:28
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this is music to love, dream, fuck, think, write, reminisce to. click cover to download.


ask the experts
November 10, 2010, 10:18
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picked up this little gem at argosy books’ annual guy fawkes sale, where everything is 50% off. it’s going on until november 13th for anyone who might be interested. this book is filled with theeeeee greatest illustrations, as well as a heavy artillery of quoetry by some of france’s finest thinkers.

never cut what you can unravel. – j. joubert

people act as if our mission were to secure the triumph of truth, when in fact our only mission is to fight for it. – b. pascal

after all, the world is but an amusing theater, and i see no reason why a pretty woman should not play the principal part in it. – countess du barry

sólo solos somos libres
November 9, 2010, 00:39
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