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September 14, 2010, 00:59
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ask your mama: 12 moods for jazz

a reminder to look this up, gratefully discovered among the countless scraps of paper i found while cleaning my desk…
as for the rest, i tried to link wherever i could figure out what i was talking about at the time.

hayao miyazaki (nausikao?)
– triplets of vaudeville
juelz santana – roll call
– II: 1/2 time show, get down, uh oh, ‘nolia clap
– you’ve always cried/or you’re cryin’/you’re always gone/or you’re goin’
– art books and cookbooks on the same shelf, because they’re the same thing.
polytechnique, one week, depends on which it is, nurse fighter, we stand alone +
– bravo videos – et si tu n’existe pas
– s(t)amina
– jasmine oil as aphrodisiac
doctrine of signatures (if the appearance of the plant of flower looks like an anatomical part, herb will help diseases of that area)
– st john’s wort: anti-dep, varicose veins, AIDS
– between the zeal of the young & the wisdom of the old
amir silaman [sic.]
– my goosebumps have goosebumps
– kundera-esque: he knew she would she would never leave him b/c of his unpredictability, and conversely, her invincible love for him was what made her certain of the same thing.
THERE there was about him a suggestion of lurking ferocity, as though the wild still lingered in his and the wolf in him merely slept
– tea-sipper, blunt-smoker, world-tripper (” “?)
you’re the color, the movement, the spin
– hunger, steve mcqueen, my neighbor’s se , diagnosis bi-polar, falcone, mafia palermo, old man love, 2nd chances, love comes lately, adventureland, meh


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