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heavenly and earthly love
August 2, 2010, 17:49
Filed under: floetry, trill

i just read the greatest short story by a dude named florenc molnár called heavenly and earthly love, where two men argue the merits of their preferred flavors of love. i wish i could find it online to share with you, but no such luck. here’s a little passage.

The First (giving himself credit for being about to say something exceptionally clever): “I am inclined to believe that sensual and spiritual love among women is never equally distributed. Titian is right.”

The Second: “Why is Titian right?”

The First: “Because he painted the lovely pictured Heavenly and Earthly Love. It shows two women. The one is nothing but heavenly joy and peace. The second is nothing but fleshly sensuality. It is thus also in life.
(He puffs deeply upon his cigar as one who has solved a problem. He is proud and happy.)

The Second: “You believe that, really?”

The First: “Yes. I cannot help it. I am a simple fellow and I love luxuriant women. The soulful life is beautiful, as are the pangs of love; yet as far as I am concerned all such folly evaporates from my head when my lips glide the lips of a woman. Delicately and hot, over a woman’s lovely red mouth. At such times I feel as if tiny sparks of electricity were flying from one hot, dry pair of lips to the other.”


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