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wise clown
August 26, 2010, 11:48
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když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. a když kouká, aby byl, a je, tak má být to, co je, a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je. – j. werich

once a person is, he should look to be that. and when he looks to be that, and is, then he should be that which he is and shouldn’t be that which he isn’t, as is often the case.

une fois qu’une personne est, il doit tendre à être cela. et quand il tent de l’être, et il l’est, il devrait être ce qu’il est, et pas ce qu’il n’est pas, comme c’est souvent le cas.

just a little exercise in the perils of translation. that which is untranslatable fascinates me so much more than that which is.

l’être, e

the south got somethin’ to say
August 25, 2010, 11:11
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i love songs about horses, railroads, land, judgment day, family, hard times, whiskey, courtship, marriage, adultery, separation, murder, war, prison, rambling, damnation, home, salvation, death, pride, humor, piety, rebellion, patriotism, larceny, determination, tragedy, rowdiness, heartbreak, and love. and mother. and god.j. cash

aside from the new roots album, pretty much all the music i’ve been listening to lately has come from south of the mason-dixon line. i think that says more about the current state of rap music than about my tastes, but take what you will from it.

both bun b & big boi’s new albums are a welcome addition to my collection and i would go so far as to say that big boi’s sir luscious leftfoot: the son of chico dusty is my choice (so far) for album of the year. but i mention this more as an opening to talk about my boy yelawolf. both big boi and bun b, as well as plenty of other respectable rap cats (raekwon!) have given dude a strong co-sign, and deservedly so. you might recognize him as the cat that sang the chorus on juelz santanta’s mixin’ up the medicine and if you’ve had a conversation with me about rap music in the past year, you’ll know that i’ve been stanning pretty heavy on this white boy from the ‘bama for a minute. i can’t wait to see what he brings to the game.  he’s currently touring rock the bells as well as with wiz khalifa & big K.R.I.T., another southern rapper that brings them heatrocks. you can download/stream K.R.I.T.’s self-produced album here, it’s incredible. he just signed to def jam, so expect to hear plenty more from him soon.

and, oh, how could i ever almost leave this out!! datpiff has a new iphone app where you can listen to any mixtape on the site!!! amaaaaaazing. anyways, here are a bunch of yelawolf videos. if he didn’t already have 3 children, i’d consider giving him his first…

we still livin’ it
August 22, 2010, 22:53
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August 21, 2010, 06:11
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i miss you. i miss your lips and your hands and the kisses and touches they bestowed upon me. and your undeniable masculinity and your inimitable mannerisms and your unconquerable mind. your salty skin and your sweet kisses. i miss feeling your heartbeat and i miss watching your eyes watch me. i miss when we made love for so long that i couldn’t walk, or see.

August 19, 2010, 20:18
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my new favie tumblr. (definitely NSFW)
some sample images:

the sweeter the juice
August 18, 2010, 22:10
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sometimes it’s a real drag being white.

love your ottawa
August 13, 2010, 06:02
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all year long we wait for sun.

ottawa is killiiiing it right now on the cultural tip.

we already had bluesfest & chamber music festival, both of which were crazy good, and upcoming still are the ottawa folk festival (aug 13-15) as well as the ottawa reggae festival (aug 20-22) so so so much great music, and that’s not even counting all the local shit going down.

not doing too bad in the visual arts department either. ottawa was chosen as the only canadian stop of the pop life art exhibit which is currently going on at the national art gallery ’til september 19. i highly recommend it, especially on hallucinogens. there is an enormous room that is painted entirely gold with rap music and 90s-era posters of rappers, women and lions. and there is a japanese room that has the kanye bear wearing one of pharrell’s chains and this video of kirsten dunst playing on loop. $15, til september 19.

urgh, can’t get it to embed/is oddly hard to find on the internet.
click the picture the watch the video!

in the lobby of the war museum you can witness this year’s winners of the world press photo contest. every year this exhibition brings me to tears and this year’s photos were no exception. everything from mexican drug cartel murders to a man getting stoned to death in somalia to bob burnquist skating in brazil. you can see all the pictures on their website, but seeing the actual photos up close is an experience in and of itself. it’s free and running until august 29.

also free and thought-provoking is the beautiful destruction exhibit going on in the city hall gallery, which shows aerial photography of the alberta tar sands (residual bitumen, above). and while you’re at it, you should probably also check the bodies in trouble photo exhibit at saw gallery, which has gems like this one – kandahar’s first female police overseer.

and in case your eyeballs can handle any more cool shit, there is the nightly mosaika show. yes, yes, i know. it’s a light show. on parliament hill. about canada’s history. but it’s actually so fucking cool and of course there are a couple of cheesy moments but for the most part it’s just terribly impressive. and it’s yet another reason occasion to smoke weed on our government’s front steps. oh, canada! here are 2 shots from that night.

also running through ’til the end of august is the casino’s baller fireworks spectacle/competition. there is nothing worse than hearing fireworks and not being able to see them, it drives me crazyyy. the schedule is as follows:
aug 14 – germany
aug 18 – china
aug 21 – grand finale
(portugal and the states have already happened)

and today, friday the 13th 2010, there is an art show at la petite mort gallery where local artists, including the goddess narmeen aka MEEN will be showcasing their talents. narmeen will also be selling some art to raise money for her native pakistan.

goodnight sun, we’ll see you again tomorrow.