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crystal lids
July 20, 2010, 16:40
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when the minds have learnt to mingle, when no thought is wholly one’s own, and each has taken too much of the other ever be entirely himself alone; when one has reached the beginning of seeing with a single eye, loving with a single heart, enjoying with a single joy; when there can be moments of identity and nothing is separate save bodies that long for one another…when there is that, where is the word? there is only the inadequacy of the word that exists.
j. wyndham, the chrysalids


to reform a man
July 11, 2010, 17:41
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…you must begin with his grandmother.v. hugo

fuck seeing jesus in toast, i saw a grandma picking flowers in a paint drip.

swag bag
July 8, 2010, 19:49
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i’ve had a mild fascination with the aesthetic of the bag-on-a-stick that hobos are so often portrayed with for a minute now, and it came to complete & utter fruition the other night. i learned the proper word for it in both english and french and life made sense for a moment. i was at a birthday cipher and we got on the subject of our favorite french words (pamplemousse, hippopotame, comble…) and someone contributed baluchon, which is oh so very wonderful not only because of what it means, but also because one’s lips end up perfectly pursed for a kiss upon pronunciation.

the english word for baluchon is bindle, which i had never even heard of until learning of its french counterpart. pretty good for a new word. oh, and what’s even greater is that in australia they call them swag bags.

possible uses:

embrasse-moi dès que je te quitte, avec toutes mes plus beaux secrets dans ce baluchon.” (followed by a kiss, obviously)

i’m packing up all my dearest things into this here bindle and hopping a train to foreverland

i have too much swag so i need a swag bag to carry the rest.”

p.s. – wordpress’ spellcheck doesn’t even recognize bindle as a word. fail.

let me blow ya mind
July 4, 2010, 23:22
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before you begin, may i just recommend that you enable the ‘full screen’ option.

this is a from a dj group out of france called C2C. pat & the rest of the stylusts have competed & lost against them a number of times and it’s really easy to see why. no shots fired whatsoever but after you watch this video, you’ll understand what i mean. this is a feat of human coordination…sportsmanship at its finest. all this while also adding to my never-ending argument that matching, or least coordinating, outifts are a good look.