love your city

June 28, 2010, 22:37
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face à la découverte de cette spoliation future, il n’y a que deux attitudes possibles: soit on décide de ne pas s’attacher aux êtres et aux choses, afin de rendre l’amputation moins douleureuese; soit on décide, au contraire, d’aimer autant plus les êtres et les choses, d’y mettre le paquet – “puisque nous n’aurons pas beaucoup de temps ensemble, je vais te donner en un an tout l’amour que j’aurais pu te donner en une vie.”

faced with the discovery of this inevitable spoliation, there are only two possible attitudes: either we decide not to attach ourselves to others and to things, with the ends of making the amputation less painful; or we decide, instead, to love others and things as much as possible, to give our all – “since we don’t have much time together, i will give you in one year, all the love i could have given you in one lifetime.”

a. nothomb, la métaphysique des tubes


simply beautiful
June 25, 2010, 11:51
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if i gave you my love, i tell you what i’d do
i’d expect a whole lot of love out of you.

you gotta be good to me, i’m gonna be good to you
there’s a whole lot of things you and i could do.

as small as a giant
June 19, 2010, 07:02
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let them think what they liked, but i didn’t mean to drown myself. i meant to swim till i sank – but that’s not the same thing. j. conrad

i never dreamed you’d leave in summer
June 13, 2010, 21:20
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there are days where i still cannot believe michael jackson is gone forever, it’s something that i truly have a hard time coming to terms with. it’s coming up on a year since he passed and i’d be lying if i said that shit doesn’t still sting me deep in my soul. this is a crazy clip of stevie wonder & john legend performing the way you make me feel – watch out though…it never fails to bring me to tears and it may have the same effect on you.

June 6, 2010, 22:04
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i miss france. i miss travelling, i miss having no sorrows and no tomorrows. living strictly, only, for the here and now. i miss days of nothing and days of everything. of marvel and wonder and wide eyes. of camera click click click clack watch ya back. i miss watching my back in big cities! petty theft running rampant both on their part and mine. crafty motherfucking gypsies. ciganí. but for real, i do take for granted how nice it is to be able to put your shit on the seat next to you on the bus or your bag on the ground while you browse in a store or whatever. but i’d still take prague or paris or barcelona over here any day. love your city blahblahblah. i do i do i do love it here, but i just love it there more. my whole entire being grimaces when friends speak of their current or upcoming travels. i went to chapters today to read up on cartagena, colombia (it’s pretty fucked up that i went to chapters and not a library but that’s a whole other issue to deal with another day) and my heart was actually aching looking at travel books. i want to be everywhere at once, soaking up as much new knowledge as possible. it’s all founded on this crazy drive to discoverdiscoverdiscover. there is an infinite amount of knowledge and beauty and wisdom to take in on this earth and i feel like i am wasting away a little bit here. time to go sleep off this emo-ness. hopefully i will dream of paradises with WWII bunkers on the beaches….bonne nuit.

fernweh n. (german)

  1. lit. “farsickness”; “an ache for the distance”