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think fast
May 5, 2010, 06:33
Filed under: trill

this man, prahlad jani, claims to practise ‘breatharianism,’ which is the ability to live without food or water. indefinitely. he has apparently not eaten or drank drunk (drank? drunken? grr.) anything for 70 years. he is currently under the surveillance of a heavy medical team, as well as the indian military, both of who want to test his claims for different purposes. click here for a short clip from bbc news. whoops. here is a way better video from al jazeera.


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1) nice title.

2) i believe him.

3) drank.

4) it depresses me that everyone immediately starts scheming about how to use this for their outward purposes (space, military, general conquest), instead of looking inward, which seems to me to be the human thing to do.

5) i’m going to reconsider my life.

Comment by dp

6) where does he work out?


Comment by c

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