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the shortest month
February 2, 2010, 08:28
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recently, nickelodeon asked saul williams to write some children’s poems for black history month. with the exception of the first one, “in honor of…” they are all meant to be read in a child’s voice. nickelodeon decided not to use them (quelle grande surprise), but i thought they were really fantastic so i’mma post em up. can’t figure out how to make things into columns, so maybe i’ll just post them up one by one so they don’t make up the longest blog post of all time.


I asked her
to clean up
her room.

She said,
“I’m not a slave.”

“Nuh, duh,” I said
“cause if you were
with that attitude
you’d be dead.”

“No. I would be
like Harriet Tubman
or Sojourner Truth.
And in honor of
Black History Month
I won’t clean up my room!”

“In honor of the maids
who worked long hours
for little pay, who cleaned
and cleaned, and cleaned
and cleaned …
I won’t clean up today!”

“Well, you do know your history”
I said. “Girl, you make me proud

And in honor of your mixed ancestry
you should clean the house.”


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Great poem used in future

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