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December 11, 2009, 04:54
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jonas is a man i used to know much more than i do know. he is bearded and beautiful and he is disarmingly talented. i can’t even pinpoint when or where i met him, but i do remember the last time i saw him. he played in a basement at some sort of art party near mcloed & elgin. i still had long hair.

the music jonas makes is, for lack of better words, perfect. his voice is an instrument much the same way elliot smith’s was. it becomes a part of the musical whole, as opposed to a layer placed clumsily amid instruments. i don’t really know how to compare him to other artists in this genre, but let me say this: every little thing he does is magic.

his musical self has gone through several transformations, one more beautiful than the next. he has recently released an album, spirit guides under his most recent moniker, evening hymns. you can sample it and buy it on itunes or zunior or, if you’re in canada, quite possibly at your local indie record store.

not surprisingly, jonas has quite the way with words. i hope he forgives me for reposting this little treasure called my piano and your pencils, found on his blog.

they could sit side by side.
i would have an ashtray on top of the piano that you would sometimes bicker about but sometimes we would drink wine and you would stub out the occasional cigarette yourself and i’d never call you out.
maybe we’d have breakfast, certainly coffee, in the mornings and then i’d be off to work and you would have hours alone to draw yourself out of this town, enough that you’d be okay sticking around. i’d get home and you’d be out.
i’d make dinner.
i would play piano and think. i would read my book that i’ve been reading for years. you would’ve watered the plants and finally they’d be coming back to life. i’ve never been good with plants. your key would hit the lock. the tibetan elephants would jangle to life. the switch on the kettle would be flipped and water would be boiled for tea.
you would tell me where you’d spent the morning, i’d tell you where i’d spent the night. they would accompany each other nicely.
my hand would drift asleep atop your belly.
my heating bill would go down.
the bristles of your toothbrush would sleep quietly next to mine.


i’m including two songs of his; one new, one old. the first is called sips of sea and is quite possibly not the mastered version that made it onto the album. i have it dated february 16, 2005. this is my favorite song of all time. truth. the second song is called cedars and is off of the aforementioned spirit guides.

there is so much that i haven’t said and so so much more that could be said, but for now i will just let genuis jonas speak for himself.

evening hymns’ official site
national post article
out of this spark: record label
wizards & magic


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yo this is a really well composed post.

i just copped from itunes. gonna go walk around in the fresh snow and let it live.

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