love your city

December 26, 2009, 10:29
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some last visions of france.


makes you wonder
December 15, 2009, 05:31
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a message i got from my friend after discussing future travel options:

“you mentioned the congo, and it reminded me of a story you may appreciate…in kenya i got high with a prostitute from the congo!! (just for the record i did not touch her lol) but i smoked a joint and did a local drug called khat with her! hahah it was pretty gangster. she was a very interesting person, she opened my glass coke bottle with her teeth and it was not a twistoff cap.”

there is darkness in glory
December 11, 2009, 04:54
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jonas is a man i used to know much more than i do know. he is bearded and beautiful and he is disarmingly talented. i can’t even pinpoint when or where i met him, but i do remember the last time i saw him. he played in a basement at some sort of art party near mcloed & elgin. i still had long hair.

the music jonas makes is, for lack of better words, perfect. his voice is an instrument much the same way elliot smith’s was. it becomes a part of the musical whole, as opposed to a layer placed clumsily amid instruments. i don’t really know how to compare him to other artists in this genre, but let me say this: every little thing he does is magic.

his musical self has gone through several transformations, one more beautiful than the next. he has recently released an album, spirit guides under his most recent moniker, evening hymns. you can sample it and buy it on itunes or zunior or, if you’re in canada, quite possibly at your local indie record store.

not surprisingly, jonas has quite the way with words. i hope he forgives me for reposting this little treasure called my piano and your pencils, found on his blog.

they could sit side by side.
i would have an ashtray on top of the piano that you would sometimes bicker about but sometimes we would drink wine and you would stub out the occasional cigarette yourself and i’d never call you out.
maybe we’d have breakfast, certainly coffee, in the mornings and then i’d be off to work and you would have hours alone to draw yourself out of this town, enough that you’d be okay sticking around. i’d get home and you’d be out.
i’d make dinner.
i would play piano and think. i would read my book that i’ve been reading for years. you would’ve watered the plants and finally they’d be coming back to life. i’ve never been good with plants. your key would hit the lock. the tibetan elephants would jangle to life. the switch on the kettle would be flipped and water would be boiled for tea.
you would tell me where you’d spent the morning, i’d tell you where i’d spent the night. they would accompany each other nicely.
my hand would drift asleep atop your belly.
my heating bill would go down.
the bristles of your toothbrush would sleep quietly next to mine.


i’m including two songs of his; one new, one old. the first is called sips of sea and is quite possibly not the mastered version that made it onto the album. i have it dated february 16, 2005. this is my favorite song of all time. truth. the second song is called cedars and is off of the aforementioned spirit guides.

there is so much that i haven’t said and so so much more that could be said, but for now i will just let genuis jonas speak for himself.

evening hymns’ official site
national post article
out of this spark: record label
wizards & magic

paper tiger.
December 9, 2009, 11:44
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a big middle finger to wordpress for somehow making this blurry.

December 8, 2009, 23:33
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i tried to like gucci mane. i really did. and i’m not usually someone who has too too much difficulty appreciating ig’nant rap music. my homie neo was telling me how everytime he would play a gucci track down south, the entire place would go ham. people knew every single word to every single track and weren’t shy to scream on ’em. kinda like what happens when you play a classified song in whistler.

anyways, so i humbly took my late pass and downloaded his entire discography, up until ‘trap-a-thon.’ and i listened all the way through evey single goddamn track. and i just don’t fucking get it. it’s too simple. it’s too monotonous. i feel like his biggest contribution to rap is the phrase “BURR,” which is genius in itself but will inevitably get played out just as quickly as “BALLLIIIIIIIN” did. and yet the internets be going stupid wild, super stupid wild in anticipation of his new album. normally i would see this as further sign of the decline of rap music but there is actually a ton of music coming up that i stand behind heavily…

#1 that new clipse jam.

i think one of the most important aspects of putting together a good, coherent album is consistent production. say what you will about the neptunes but they work incredibly well with the clipse. they didn’t produce all the songs on TTCD, but enough to keep that ol’ clipse sound that we’ve come to love. just think back to like, premo producing for group home, quincy producing for the god MJ. and lyrically, the brothers have grown.

i used to think that life was a bad bitch, a bad car/nahhhh, life is with your kids, watching ‘madagascar’

so it’s not the deepest shit, but you know what i’m trying to say. the internets are a leaky place so you might be able to get your hands on it that way, but believe me when i tell you that this is worth your hard earned pocket jingles.
decemburr 8th. go cop that.

#2 freddie gibbs.

there isn’t much i can say about this man that he doesn’t say for himself. he hails from gary, indiana where the god MJ is from. that should be an intiative enough for you to check him out. haha, but nah for real, there hasn’t been a new rapper in a hot minute that i’ve felt as much as freddie gibbs. use the powers of google to find his older stuff and go here to get his new 81-track mixtape, the labels trying to kill me. it might not be the best place to start if he’s new to you because that much of anyone can be a lot to digest (||), but the tracks are generally pretty short and there is no such thing as too much gangsta gibbs. (also, check out the cover for this jam he did with cunninlynguists. amazing).

#3 pill.
pill is from the bammy. he is grimy and real and hasn’t been rapping all that long – he was too caught up in trappin. he had he trap going ham and then somehow him and number one draft pick freddie crossed paths and have made a couple of bangers together. these two doing an album together would be bananas. exhibit a:

#4 yelawolf.

not only is this dude a total baberaham lincoln, he’s got the talent to match. you’ve probably heard him on the chorus of santana’s mixin’ up the medicine (he’s baaaaaaack), but he has also put down an impressive catalog of his own. and he isn’t limited to one flow, one style, one anything. sometimes he makes me think of outkast, sometimes he makes me think of the beastie boys, somtimes he makes me think dirty, dirty thoughts. haaa. and like pill, he is also from the bammy. he is actually in that pill trap going ham video for a second. actually, now that i think about it, there’s only one degree of separation in all the picks i just posted: yela-pill-freddie-gary-MJ-clipse production. hmmm.

anyways, peep ‘i wish’ (w/raekwon) and anything else of his that you can get your hands on & tell your friends. otherwise they’re gonna be the ones telling you to check him out and you’ll be wishing you had listened to me.
[i started this out as a draft a couple of days ago and today he dropped a track with bun b and it’s fire. called “good to go,” find it everywhere and anywhere].

this is ‘box chevy: part 2’ – a current favie of mine.

#5 slum village’s upcoming album.

villa manifesto ep. not sure how to link yelawolf to slum village, but he probably likes listening to them, because everyone does. this album is going to be fiyaaa. elzhi filling dilla’s shoes as main producer will be interesting & delicious. i think this might actually be dropping in january but whatever, i’m excited for it now. eternal peace to baatin & dilla.

dear santa,
December 7, 2009, 10:04
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jesus christ almighty, is there no justice? 6300 yen is $75 canadian. c’mon son. but damnnn, these hats are too sexy. oh yea, and they say “protect ya neck” on the back. available online at applebum. peep the site for some other out-of-this-world wu wear. never have i ever been more frustrated at not being able to afford something. WU!

[update: not only did puff daddy set a home shopping network sell-out record, he also made $400 000 in 40 minutes. JUSS SAYIN.]