love your city

November 12, 2009, 07:19
Filed under: trill, video ho

lascar loosely translates to rascal in english and my inner linguist can’t help but wonder if the anagramism is a coincidence or if it’s a contrived lovechild of verlan. verlan is a nifty little collection of french slang that involves flipping the syllables. for example verlan is actually l’anvers, which means backwards. merci becomes ci-mer, femme becomes meuf, défoncé becomes fonce-dé. whatever tho.

this clip is a from a series of minute-long stories that used to get aired here in france. as with all the other clips in the series, it plays on the stereotypes placed on those living in paris’ banlieues (suburbs but not really//large immigrant population). if you don’t speak french, watch it anyways. the gist of it is that lil’ dude asks bougie dude for a cigarette, which leads bougie to trip over nothing.
in the end (spoiler alert!) the smokes are light and shorty don’t play like that.

they made a full length movie too, but changed up the animation style/it wasn’t as dope.

on a completely unrelated tip, that robin thicke/jigga collabo fucking sucks. meidontplé.
on another unrelated tip, my homie franky mo has entered the blogosphere and you should peep that here.


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