love your city

shake what ya mama gave ya
April 6, 2009, 13:38
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i don’t think her mama gave this to her for this purpose but…


sounds on the edge of silence
April 3, 2009, 09:54
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it begins with a nibble on the shoulder…got a chip? (she’s hungry)
it’s playful, but purposeful.
no reckless flirtation here. (she knowz what she wants, and just how to get it)
she’s on a mission.

lips touch. fingers linger. (linger longer)
fingers dig. fingers feel.
fingers become hands, pulling forward, pulling into..
wrought with frustration
wants and needs blur as heavy breath resurrects
inhaling your expirations as you control mine.    (in and out in and out in and out)
my mind could be nowhere else.
you hands should be nowhere else. they are always finding my secrets.

you’re barely breathing…..on my neck
hairs stand at attention..
nipples do too. aye aye sir.

there is nothing i wouldn’t do to you (what are you doing to me??)
i remember things i never knew…

even upon parting lips, we must peel them from each other as naked skin peels off a leather sofa. stuck.

the immediacy in locking lips (and throwing away the key)
in grabbing hips

you bring me down as you lift me up. i need you i need you i have you and
that calms me until the next time there is a momentary lapse in judgement.

let’s speak of right places and wrong times and how did you know to touch me, just there, just so?

soft                       hard                      tough
skin                      flesh                      break