love your city

you got homies.
March 29, 2009, 22:11
Filed under: trill

(bong noises)

yea…that’s me getting high at like…it’s actually 4:20 a.m. as if you’re getting a fucking message at this……so. i just got back from *****. picked some random chick. she’s 19. actually lives around the corner from my house. how fucked up is that shit? knowing her, she’s not going to remember me in the morning, but fuck that. i am actually going to lay the smack down on this. you know what? cuz why not. it’s fresh. it’s young and..fuck.–-i miss you! get your ass to ottawa because i miss you. like, i dunno, i went to the bar alone tonight. i hope you know that. i have friends. but they were at the bar. i actually didn’t call that many people.  i went alone. get your butt to ottawa. cuz i miss you and  i know youre a bigtime dj and whatnot now. but like, you’re still darina to me. you’re still my sanity on some days. and you might speak like 5 different languages now with school now but fuck it. you’re darina and i miss you…so make your bucks, have your fun but…i need you some days…just the support, that’s all it is. just know that as lonely as vancouver is, i miss you and i’m happy you’re going to be back…i dunno, i dunno what the hell else to say have a good night have a good weekend…r.i.p. shane mcconkey because holy fuck and yea, don’t forget as lonely as vancouver is, you got homies.

aiite babe? take care…bye.


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