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elle, le fant
January 31, 2009, 03:34
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when something is festering in your memory or your imagination, laws of silence don’t work. it’s just like shutting a door and locking it on a house on fire in hope of forgetting that the house is burning.
but not facing a fire doesn’t put it out.
silence about a thing just magnifies it. it grows and festers in silence, becomes malignant…

– t. williams, cat on a hot tin roof


hair do(n’t)
January 21, 2009, 11:14
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like i needed any more fire to fuel my kanye-hate inferno.
hate is a strong word, but cot daaamn that haircut is wack!

get it where ya live
January 15, 2009, 02:59
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last of a dying breed
January 12, 2009, 18:24
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it’s been a min since i showed some love for wayne. i’m not running out of love or nothing like that, just there hasn’t been anything all thaaaat spectacular to post.

sure, he’s been keeping busy. getting nominated for 8 grammy’s, having babies, performing at the country music awards(??), getting new face tattoos. also dropping some music. drought is over 6 is fiya. dj drama’s barack odramas’s gangsta/grillz dedication 3 was aiight. some good singles, and some reallllly bad ones.
wayne feat. pharrell – yes is one of the good ones.
jadakiss feat. wayne – death wish is that bomb diggy, both of them go in hard (nh).

rumours have been swirling that wayne is off that lean. it might explain why he seemed so goddamned sober and comprehensible when talking to chip bayless. peep these.

there’s been some pretty entertaining wayne video installments lately too…
weezy blog is back. and there’s a fat white chick rubbing wayne’s back. wtf?

gettin that haterade money.

lil wayne falls on stage. HA HA HA

well that’s enough lil wayne for me, and that must mean it’s enough for you too. if there’s anyone out there that wants to drop some dime on a ticket to his jan24 show, holla.