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“it’s worse than slavery”
November 30, 2008, 14:48
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Hm, let me draw an analogy.
you know how when you read a good book
if you have a rich imagination, it’s even better?
So, it’s kind of like… theres a subset of imaginative ‘language skills’ you have, and they are one of the largest variables involved in how much you enjoy it…
Now, think about your life, kind of like a book.
But scroll backwards into the best moments of your life.
The sheer joy of tearing down a mountainside
crying at your best friends wedding
gasping at the northern lights
They are all intensely emotional experiences
Now, imagine trying to read that book
And even trying to remember those moments
when your ’emotional dictionary’
is one thats been poisoned by a society
who tells you that the only acceptable emotions are things like anger
And then multiply it onto every single day of your life.
Rather then just being limited to not enjoying a book.
It seems like nothing at face value, but if you think about it… in a way, its everything.
It’s just ‘not everything’ because you’d never know the difference.

insight courtesy of my homie matt.
we were talking about the phenomenon of males having this societal pressure to suppress FEELINGS and he really hit the nail on the head with this one.
droppin maad science.


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II Trill. Period.

Comment by DP

As a matter of fact, make II Trill a new category and put this post in it.

You two are buckin in broad daylight, with the broke Mack that won’t spray right.

Comment by DP

^ haha.

Comment by Breezy

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