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my president is black
November 4, 2008, 21:02
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my lambo’s blue, and i be goddamned if my rims ain’t too.
all hail king obama!


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nah, i went with this guy:

Comment by iggy

i fuckin love dis pic!

Comment by GambinoTheGreat

Unfreaking unbelievable. This man is an atypical African American man. His degrees are from Ivy League universities (B.A. from Columbia University, and J.D. from Harvard University). His wife, Michelle Obama has the same (B.A. from Prineton University, and J.D. from Harvard Univesrsity). It is apparent that this man whose father was a politician in his native country of Kenya, Africa exemplifies the family’s uniqueness as well. Yet a number of Caucasians continue to berate these unstereotypical Black attorneys whether its giving President-Elect Barack Obama grillz, a crooked crown (similar to that of a sideways baseball cap), a platinum chain, and Benjamins sticking out of his lapel, or altering First Lady-Elect Michelle Obama so that she looks like a monkey or an ape. However, these obviously same racist Caucasians are not as academically astute to get into Harvard and Columbia. You can’t even touch the level of civility that these A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N leaders with a 20-foot-pole Grow up! It’s 2009!


I find this incredibly racist and it belies the very strong positive feelings that many people have about their new president. He’s the president of all of us in the USA now, even if you didn’t vote for him. Show some respect!

Comment by Heather S.

yo this was like a year ago and i just reread it and it still makes me just as angry as it did back then. bitch, you’re the racist one. instantly by calling obama “atypical,” you’re imposing the same stereotype that i am allegedly supporting here. what’s that supposed to mean? that a TYPICAL african american rock grills and whatever else? check your self. it’s FUNNY. i’m not mocking anybody or their civility or whatever the fuck it is that i lack that makes this funny to me and not to you or miss heather. and what makes you so sure a caucasian did this?? triiiiiiiiiiick!

Comment by darinka

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