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September 22, 2008, 21:07
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happy autumnal equinox, y’all.

now that we got that pesky summer thing out of the way, we can get back on our grizzies. bonfide hustlas. unfortunately that is something i am not particularly interested in right at this moment, especially not the drop in temperature part. but, such is life and unless i can transfer my credits to the university of bali, vancity is a happy home. eternal summer mindsets are a dangerous thing…

this girls name is darina, no lie.

today’s my day.

the grand majority of people in the czech republic (and other eastern european countries) celebrate this lovely little holiday, svátek. in english: name-day. you get little presents and you get little drunk and well what more do you need? peep this link for the list of names & corresponding dates…you can probably find your name! it might be czech-icized, but it’s probably there.

justine – oct 7
dave – dec 30
andrew – nov 30
karl – nov 4
anthony – june 13
zbeněk – jan 23

i just finished other voices, other rooms by truman capote.
believe the hype: the man is genius.

rock corrodes, rivers freeze, fruit rots; stabbed, blood of black and white bleeds alike; trained parrots tell more truth than most, and who is lonelier: the hawk or the worm? every flowering heart shrivels dry and pitted as the herb from which it bloomed, and while the old man grows spinsterish, his wife assumes a mustache; moment to moment, changing, changing, like the cars on the ferris-wheel. Grass and love are always greener; but remember Little Three Eyes? show her love and apples ripen gold, love vanquishes the Snow Queen


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i now have a reason to get beyond tipsy on october 1st.


Comment by iggy

that’s bs. why cant my name have it’s own day.

Comment by z

yay alexander 27th of February another day to drink thanks D

Comment by aj.

That photo you dug up top… how did it cross your mind? And that quote… sold me on the book.

It’s kind of convenient that my names day falls between Christmas and your birthday, just to even things up. Svatek Pool Party ya diiiiig!

Comment by DP

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