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blood brothers
June 23, 2008, 10:08
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red porsches! red porsches! red porsches!
wayne & game collabo as performed in anaheim, apparently from L.A.X. (!!!)


stop wars
June 20, 2008, 14:09
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June 18, 2008, 12:16
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congrats to jesus shuttlesworth & the boys in green.

styles by the pound
June 15, 2008, 11:25
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look at this crazy shit i found on msnbc the other day…

personally, i was more stoked on the love tap he gives ol’ girl right after the pound.

mr. rain man, can we have a rainy day?
June 12, 2008, 21:55
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a million here, a million there.

looks like young dwayne might do kanye numbers. the estimate for first date sales is already at 432 000. only time will tell but i think lil’ wayne is finally about to be a household name. who knows what that will means for his music, but there is such a backlog of good shit at this point, who cares?

so regardless, today i went to hmv and bought myself tha carter iii. i’ve already had it on pretty steady play here at the ol’ crib for a little over a week now, interspersed with a lil bit of triple six, cool kids and the nigger tape. i can’t lie, upon firstsecondthird listen i wasn’t really feeling this album all that much. i really liked a handful of songs and that’s what kept me playing it and then slowly but surely, i grew to love it. well no, i haven’t quite yet resigned myself to loving it, but i’m getting there.

ok let’s do it.

1. 3PEAT prod.maestro
run up in a nigga house and shoot his grandmother up…what?
the first time i listened to tha carter iii, this was my favorite track noo contest. and if it’s too nasty, then spit it back at me ?!! aaah! it’s a great song to begin the most anticipated album of ’08 with and that’s that….that said, it’s not my favorite anymore, but it’s still easily top 5.

2. MR. CARTER FEAT. JAY-Z prod.drew
beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice
this has one of my favorite jay-z verses of all time. what does that say? i don’t know but i don’t care either.

3. A MILLI bangladesh (mza!)
my name ain’t bic, but i keep that flame
i liked this song when everyone thought it was annoying and i guess some people still think it’s annoying and i still like it. either way, it’s a hypebeast. that fan video, the milli-on freestyles over it, etcetc. i think more than anything, it’s a really good beat to freestyle over (a la “shook ones”) and that makes rappers and rap fans happy.

4. GOT MONEY FEAT. T-PAIN & skillz/t-pain
and we bout it bout it. now what are you about?
i guess this is going to be the next single. that (t-)pains me me but whatever, there’s a couple of funny lines and that’s better than nothing, right?

i will never 1, 2, 3, 4-get about you..
i don’t know. this song is old. i’ve never liked it. i love babyface. i strongly dislike kanye. i know lil wayne feels the same way about babyface, so that’s good enough for me. i guess this one is for the ladies..

6. DR. CARTER prod.swizz beatz
gotta stand out like andre 3k
i really really like this song. too paid to freestyle.

and i’m hotter than summer rain like carl thomas
oh fuck! this song wins instant points just because of that carl thomas reference. it’s sooo funny this one, i love it!! martian! elian gonzales! PHONE HOME!

8. TIE MY HANDS FEAT. ROBIN THICKE prod. robin thicke
dont ask me what’s wrong/ask me what’s right and i’mma tell you what’s life
as i write this, i’m reading a really interesting thing on Rhapsody with the producers off c3. in reading it, i discovered that this song is from like autumn 2005 and weezy has just been keeping it in his leak-proof vault (i came at the thought of it, no lie). i suggest you read the article to get the whole story, it’s super interesting. and he did it all in one go!! and it’s about katrina. ahh, so so beautiful.

all she want me to do was fuck the police

when i first had the opportunity to hear this album, i didn’t even listen to this song because it was about loving up on a cop. how did that not get scrapped? anyways, i listened and i wasn’t missing out. it’s not terrible buuuut it’s just a song that i’m probably not going to listen to very often, if only because that fucking chorus will get stuck in your head FOR DAYS. wee ooh wee ooh wee….

10. LET THE BEAT BUILD prod.kanye west & deezle
hello hi you i can buy you?
this is kind of kanye beat i hate. i only listen to this for the drums and the way that lil’ wayne says “that’s how you let the beat build bitch” and “the beat go boom ba-boom ba-boom…”

11. SHOOT ME DOWN FEAT. D. SMITH prod.d. smith
i see your boys hatin’ and i see your girls naked
i don’t even know how to praise this song enough. it has the most plays of all carter iii tracks by like 70 or something ridiculous. i feel as though this is the beat that eminem would have gone in on, had he agreed to be on C3 in the first place (fail). i’m almost glad he didn’t though, because wayne is on point. ah! and if you’ve already forgotten about that Rhapsody article, allow me to make it easy on you. this is what d.smith had to say about making shoot me down with weezy wee:

I was going to Hot Beats for a session and Lil Wayne was there. My business partner, Stacy Barthe, actually knew Wayne and his people, and they had heard the track a couple days prior to me meeting [Wayne] and told him about it. So I went in the room and saw him and the first thing he said to me was, “Thank you.” He hadn’t even heard the beat yet. So I played the beat and it was probably like 15 people in the room. He heard the beat and kicked everybody out except for like two people, the engineer, and myself. He smoked two blunts, asked for a cup of hot tea and just went in

! and if anyone knows who this d. smith character is, i’d love to know. this song, it raises my heartrate.

12. LOLLIPOP FEAT. STATIC MAJOR (rip) prod.jim jonsin & deezle

hate it? love it? fuck it? fuck with it?
by this point i’m sure you’ve heard it enough times to have formed your own opinions on this one.

13. LA LA FEAT. BRISCO & BUSTA RHYMES prod.david banner
fuck we, i’m all about oui like paris
i’m still on the fence about this one. the la la part annoys me. busta rhymes annoys me. i barely know who brisco is. i’m generally uninterested. but there are some really funny lil’ wayne lines so maybe if some dj takes the a capella and puts a less annoying with it, we could talk.

osh/b’gosh/posh/spice husband couldn’t kick it like i kick it bitch
betty wright is my girl. so this track gets instant points because of that. wayne sounds batshit crazy on this one, but i guess that’s something we’re going to have to get used to.

i’m a shark, y’all just koi fish. (what else?) octopus. (what else?) oysters.
yes yes yes. fabo goes semi(nh). ‘elz goes hard (nh). weez uses a vocoder. but then his verse pretty fun so alls well that ends well. i can’t feel my face?

16. DONTGETIT prod. rodnae & mousa
but i wear my heart on my sleeve like it’s the new fashion
other than the rant directed at al sharpton “and anyone like him.” it’s a good way to wrap up the album though, i suppose. the internets seem to be saying that this sample is played out but i think it’s nice. how can you hate on nina simone? she’s lovely. and lil’ wayne is misunderstood. i think?

pussy monster
June 4, 2008, 19:32
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wellll, the carter iii has leaked. if you don’t have it yet, click THIS.

i’m going to put up a track by track review of the album but i haven’t given it a proper me + headphones + blunts listen yet, and i don’t want to be too much of a hater (or too much of an appreciator for that matter). there are definitely some outstanding tracks on there. there are definitely some really shitty ones. basically it’s really hit and miss and that’s a-ok with me because that’s better than miss and miss some more.

i think weezy will sell an outrageous number of albums (by today’s standards) and then i think he will drink too much cough syrup and perish. he recently got in some shit with some djs because of that interview he did with foundation aka FUCK ALL MIXTAPE DJS. it seems as though all is still good in the hood though because dwayne and dj drama talked it out and teased that there would maybe one day be a DEDICATION 3. ooooooooh-weeeeeeeee! there is a lot of hate being spewed by various djs who are clearly offended by what he said. personally, i think that if you’re taking anything lil’ wayne says seriously, you need to re-assess yourself.
(we are not the same, i am a martian PHONE HOME! weezy! PHONE HOME! weezy! PHONE HOME!)
i don’t get offended when a crackhead on the corner calls me a filthy whore and for that same reason no dj out there should be offended when lil’ wayne says fuck mixtape djs.

anywho, i’m going to go listen to real music now..