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welcome to paradise
May 29, 2008, 09:16
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someone out there has the carter iii. i bet it’s leaked by the end of the day….stay tuned.

meanwhile, i had a weezy wednesday already in the works before i saw that^^^ so i’ll post it anyways, although nothing else matters but that goddamned leak.

key to ya city

hola hovitos,

as we creep closer and closer to JUNE 10th AKA THE CARTER 3 i care less and less about anything but a leak of the damn thang. but, nevertheless, dwayne keeps coming out with ridiculous to keep the masses hanging on to his every word. i don’t remember what i stole this from because i started the draft to this a while ago, but here are some gems from a recent interview. (sorry about the annoying spacing, but wordpress is being a little bitch).

on his favie band:

been into them since ‘Teen Spirit.’ There used to be this video-request station called the Box, and some ­motherfucker must have loved Nirvana, ’cause that video was always on. I loved it—everyone was throwing everyone else around, and all the girls looked like they were ready to do whatever.

on potentially beefing with 50 cent:

Do you see his size? I’m small. I saw a YouTube video of this dude playing a concert; somebody threw water on him—he took off his hat, went in the crowd, grabbed that nigga and boom! I was like, This nigga’s the hardest nigga on planet Earth. So, no, I’m not dissing 50. And I’m not throwing water on him, neither.

on yayo:

I’ll never fuck with no more coke. It’s not about a bad high, it’s just about the acne: cocaine makes your face break out, and I’m a pretty boy.

yea, yeaaah..i heard promethazine is really good for your complexion..

here’s some crazy shit….lil’ wayne recently flew in a guy from this mixtape magazine called foundation. they were supposed to do an interview for their upcoming issue but wayne had other plans…i’m gonna have to link you to nahright because they have the audio of him going CRAZY on this interviewer. he’s actually gone insane. even if the carter iii is everything i’ve been dreaming of, wayne is already so far gone that the chances of him making any intelligible music again are pretty slim.
link to the interview be here.

and last but not least……i’ll leave you with my new summer jam…
young chris feat. weezy – paradise

weezy actually has a pretty legit verse and the beat just makes me wanna beach it alllllll dayyyy.


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