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shawty is a 10
May 22, 2008, 22:56
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i think it would be really sweet to re-create this photo.

i work at a cafe sometimes. the people that come into this place are out of this world. there is dave, the 64-year-old who has 14 sisters and used to employ elvis at his ranch. there is grant, who buys everythang on credit, and then pays a large sum at the end of the month. randy the gay man, dan the never-smiler, shanti the “r” rrrrrollerrrr. it’s a whole slew of fascinating characters, most of which are regulars so their idiosyncrasies really get a chance to shine on the regular.

the other day, this one really really nice man who comes in (whose name escapes me) told me that i looked like this woman from the 60s, joey heatherton. i didn’t think anything of it, not even enough to jot down a reminder to look up who he was talking about. but, when i saw him next and he asked me if i had seen her and i had to say no, my guilt led me to google image search asap.

i want this hair.

BAM! this girl is a diiiime. it was a pretty high compliment to be considered on the same echelon as her, but i think it’s really just the hair cut.. mind you, she was the first one to really rock the short hair in this era, and she got noticed because of it. she was a singer/actress/dancer/babe that didn’t really do anything overly noteworthy except make men all over the world fall in love with her…..which, really, is a feat in itself.

and the girl could move!! goddaaaaaaaaamn!


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