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April 17, 2008, 00:47
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crooked letter d

i was really lacking for material this week. thank the lord almighty for nah right. they just posted a link to a two page rolling stone article on why weezy f. baby is MC OF THE YEAR. perfect. thank you, nah right. you’re the best blog in the whole wide world. really though.

there is blog etiquette or something where if you jack something from someone else’s blog, you have to put []…this…[] in the comments or some shit. i personally think it’s a fucking blog and who cares. sorry.

the rolling stone article…i would suggest you read the whole thing, but here are some highlights if you’re not the reading type:

“…he stays on the bus, lighting blunt after blunt and watching Animal Planet on the TV.”

“…the kind of crabs that show up in your pants: “I had that shit! The worst!” ”

“After more than six months of delays, Wayne’s sixth official solo album is finally slated for June.” [fuck!-ed.]

“Wayne has said that no leaked material will end up on Carter III”

there’s also an interesting tidbit about just exactly how much music wayne makes on the regular. wayne claims he’s made thousands of songs in the past couple of years; rolling stone says 500ish. in the end it’s still a whole lot of music. it’s fucking brilliant, what he’s doing. chances are the blunt-codeine-promethazine cocktail will wear on him soon enough, and he’s going to have to find a way to provide for his seed once he’s gone-but-not-forgotten. he’s getting makaveli in this bitch. what i would do to get my hands on that anthology…

anywhoo, i should be getting to bed. it’s not even wednesday anymore. fail. i’mma be in ottawa til the 28th, so blawgging will be to a minimum. peace!

p.s. when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold. i love you too.

[thanks mike!]

paint your city


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haha dope post i dig the sketch, hmm speaking of dope… its april the 20th are you high yet? i have been for a few weeks waht makes this ne different? i will be with 1000’s of other potheads dans the library.

miss you!

Comment by Breezy

k you when you spend time writing and then something happens and it is lost. WEAK.
So how it goes … you are fly past that of the sixties, rays shine… sun showers drop on spotless mind, and here i sit wondering what happened to her. well. I didnt know how deep this seed for Lil wayne got but shit you got strength in devotion. good on ya. I dont really understand most of this Blog, i having trouble ingesting it. But its pretty safe. cracklin. rock the bells is in toronto too!! gitty up . Drop me a verse if ya feel… i ll just keep buggin ya.
b easy deezy
one hunid.

Comment by steve

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