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pistol to holster
April 4, 2008, 01:22
Filed under: trill

you know when you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach? when something is wrong? or about to be wrong? maybe you’ve forgotten something? maybe you’ve forgotten someone? maybe someone’s forgotten you. whatever it is, i’ve had it since i woke up.

it could have started with having too much free time this morning, which inevitably led me to waste so much time that i had to rush out the door and bike quickly instead of walk at a leisurely pace. and i don’t particularly like biking. i know, i know, it’s vancouver and that’s blasphemy but whatever. i mean, it’s okaay. but there is so much scary driving happening at all times in this city and i have too much of an intense dislike for helmets and maybe i just haven’t found the right bike yet, but until that day comes, i will continue to bike begrudgingly. and use too many commas & run-on sentences. my life is a run-on sentence.

the bike ride ended up being better than anticipated (both there and back) and work was great and after work i had a wonderful night with wonderful friends and i was even wearing a pair of earrings which generally succeed in putting me in an outstanding mood (check) but at the same time…things done changed.

this feeling of forgetting is frustrating. i have everything i need when i’m leaving the house and yet i’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for what it is that i’m missing/forgetting. something in the universe is askew. and…

i’m pretty over it and i just want whatever future catastrophe is causing me to feel this way to fucking happen already. i say, goddamn. ah, it’s late. i should go to sleep in hopes of…..i want to say….tomorrow being better day, but that’s not really the problem, as today was glorious. so here i go, in hopes of sleeping it off. wish me luck!

photos jacked from my homie stef’s facebook. i didn’t ask. shhhhh.


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