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April 2, 2008, 23:48
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roses, petunias

so i was at somewhat of a loss for what to write about this weezy wednesday. the drought is over 5 dropped on sunday and it was somewhat of a disappointment. it’s just really unremarkable and by the time today rolled around, all i could really recall is that “lollipop” has grown on me to the point where i am embarrassed by it.

so i let her lick the rapper

don’t get me wrong, it’s still definitely worth a listen or eight, but don’t expect no drought 3. here is the track listing:
1. Carter III Is Coming (Grand Closing)
2. I
3. Walk It Off
4. Open Shop
5. Done It
6. Introducing Milli
7. Milli
8. Damn I’m Cold feat. Bun B
9. I’m A Dog Ya (Freestyle)
10. Stunt When I See You
11. We Hustle
12. I Got My
13. Lick The Rapper
14. Certified
15. Girls All Around
16. Single Again
17. Drought Is Finally Over
18. Too Clean feat. Lil’ Chuckie
19. Nike Boots feat. Wale (Official Remix)

now that that’s out of the way we can get down to what i really brought you here for…enrich the next 2 minutes of your life with this little gem:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/40476&embedId=10108804]

say what you will, but i think it’s hilarious. not to read into it too deeply or anything, but it’s a pretty legitimate social commentary. under-stimulated masses are bombarded with retarded soulja boy dances and t-pain and licking rappers and just shit pure shit all day long, and what’s worse is they pay for it. if i was a talented musician and i saw that this was the kind of dribble people listened to and danced to and imitated, of course i would try to figure out how to make some bank off that. unfortunately, t-wayne has figured out how to do just that, and i fear that his forthcoming musical contributions will be just as much of a joke as this video. aaaahh-nnoying.


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OH MY GOD. that was AWESOME. so much love for weezy right now.

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