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feed me rappers or feed me beats!!
March 19, 2008, 20:56
Filed under: video ho, weezy wednesdays

you guessed accurately.

it is in fact, weezy wednesday.

new weezy.
the beat is annoying as shit, but it’s way better than that lollipop garbage.
full version here.


wayne was in the UK recently, and they showed him NO love. some retard threw a bottle at weezy during a show and that was game over. here’s a clip of weezy talking to tim westwood, a freestyle from that show, as well as the clip of the concert/bottle throwing incident.

{k, so the embedding isn’t working for the first vid so… here is the clip – it’ll open in a new window!}


i guess that some people didn’t quite get the (no homo) humour in the first strapped add, so they done changed that shit up:

if you ask me, letting the white man get his hands in your pockets isn’t much better than letting him fuck you in the ass.

you don’t wanna catch nothin’ that you can’t throw back. stay strapped.


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throwing bottles is absurd

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