love your city

March 18, 2008, 23:42
Filed under: trill

last summer, dave and i went to rock the bells, san francisco edition. it was my first (and probably only) time seeing the entire wu-tang clan together, and i needed a tshirt for the occasion, goddamnit. i ended up getting a black ‘1993’ printed on a yellow-gold shirt…killa bees on attack. save for a few rap-savvy cats, most people don’t get it. which is just fine by me but that doesn’t change the fact that i have to wield that WHY 1993?? question more often than not.

sometimes i just claim that it’s my favorite year and that’s that and sometimes, sometimes i elaborate.

the year 1993 was THE BEST.
end of story.

and not only because the wu-tang clan released their magnum opus, 36 chambers. and not only because michael jackson released dangerous. and not only because he has a mindblowing performance at the ’93 superbowl. and not only because the glorious nation of the czech republic was formed…THAT ALONE IS REASON ENOUGH!!!!!!

(are you from somewhere this beautiful? i think not…)

ladies and gents, i have compiled a thoro list of why exactly….

  • my girl lisa bonet finally dropped that loser lenny kravitz
  • 36 chambers (not to mention like a million other brilliant rap albums)
  • young janet & ‘pac in poetic justice
  • whitney houston’s i will always love you
  • aerosmith’s get a grip
  • prince changed his name to #$^*&%
  • ’93 til infinity (souls of mischief)
  • midnight marauders
  • last studio album nirvana released (in utero)
  • bad boy records
  • doggystyle!
  • the roots’ organix
  • nelson mandela won nobel peace prizzy
  • bill clinton was getting dome in the oval office on the regular
  • FREE WILLY happened
  • so did jurassic park, homeward bound, mrs. doubtfire, what’s eating gilbert grape & true romance
  • AND PROBABLY A LOT OF OF OTHER COOL SHIT (can ya think of any??)

my feet are swollen and i’m over it!!! see you tomorrow AKA WEEZY WEDNESDAY (fiyaaa)
from ’93 til infinity,




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