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and we don’t smoke that green….
March 12, 2008, 20:56
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…we smoke the color purple*.

hope you’re having a good wednesday. it’s late in the day, so this is technically late. but wednesday is wednesday so fuck that shit.
it was beautiful in the mountains today…what up vitamin d.
i have to hustle to finish this up because i am being waited on – we are to watch (sympathy for) lady vengeance. it’s directed by chan-wook park, the genius who brought us oldboy. anyhow, let’s get this slow your rolling…


so weezy f. has a new song out which is supposedly the single for the upcoming Carter III. it sucks. some people claim that it grows on you. i beg to differ, but what do i know about good lil’ wayne songs anyways? i digress. the beat is pretty hype (thank you, jim jonsin). i won’t even make you download it. here is the video, in all its leaked glory.

SHIT: so there is some copyright shit where that video used to be so here is the song with a lil’ wayne (aka t-wayne???) slideshow.

there is a theory going around that perhaps he has just made himself retarded with weed & syrup and that this is all he is capable of at this point.


i would say that the most interesting news of the week is that lil’ wayne has become spokesperson for strapped condoms. STAY STRAPPED (FOR LYFE). i’m down for the cause – he could be putting his name behind much worse.


blender magazine interviewed lil’ wayne a while back and he blessed us with these gems:

“My mama’s a gangsta…She told me every day, ‘Nigga play with you, you kill him.’ I believed her, and I do everything she say.”
…and then he talks about his teardrop tatts…
“You see these four? Lord, forgive me. But guess what, you play with me, I’ll knock your head open and piss on your motherfucking eyes.”

whoa!! well, speaking of his mom, here is momma taught me. this is off of dedication. it’s pretty brilliant.

oh yeah and speaking of dedication, peep these!!! (thanks zav!)


here is a really entertaining interview with weezy f. he looks pretty screwed up. you ain’t shit if you ain’t never been screwed up.

(jacked from


*i’m currently reading alice walker’s the color purple. i heard from a couple of people that it sucked, but they read it in school and anything you read in school generally ends up tainted by over-analysis. i like it so far, except that it’s hard to get into it because it’s written in a dialect, so you really need to get a few pages deep before you’re there.

gas, brake…dip.


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the guy in the condom ad looks like he’s about to rocco lil wayne’s asshole. he looks more like a rapist than a police officer.

Comment by killa koombaya cam cai yay

you’re very welcome.

Comment by Z

Don’t know if you got one, but over at Highbrid Nation we got a cease and desist from Strapped Condoms telling us to take down the any ad with Lil Wayne, to never say anything bad about them again and to not even link to other sites with the ad. Of course we had a nice little laugh. Then we published the cease and desist and wrote an open letter to Strapped just to show the world how stupid they are.

Comment by Mike Belgrove

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