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tem legendas em ingles?
March 5, 2008, 13:07
Filed under: the bourgeoisie & the rebel, weezy wednesdays
seu jorge is really good at making music.
he is also reason #480 why Brazil is the greatest place on earth.
you might recognize him because he was that guitar playing guy in life aquatic. he was also in the movie city of god. i am having a bit of difficulty tracking down his shit (for free)…so far i’ve only found cru (2004), which you can download herre. more to come.

granville island is not actually an island in a creek that is not actually a creek.
well ok, it’s and island, but it’s approximately 12 feet away from mainland. it’s a really good place to take blurry pictures. here are two that worked out.

it’s weezy wednesday. and i have no material.

sad weezy




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ay bay bay,

i have a seu jorge album, which i can zip up and email to you! or whatever. i just need to get it off my external.

Comment by le-ahhhh

i was looking forward to weezy wednesday. you heartbreaker.

Comment by Z

Im expecting an epic biggy post today… maybe new about the movie… excerpts from the 10th aniversary issue of his death in either the source or XXL….. hehe im just kidding… but make sure you smoke a blunt and drink some old eeeee…..
one love kid

Comment by Gustle_Dfp

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