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March 2, 2008, 15:31
Filed under: the bourgeoisie & the rebel, trill

what up and all that.

so, juvenile’s young daughter, his baby mama and his baby mama’s other seed were all killed the other night, and people have the audacity to say that it goes with the territory of being a rapper. sometimes it scares me just how ignorant some people are. rest in peace…

in happier news,

mystagogue vol. 2 is a tape that WU released circa ’96 that is a mix that RZA did. it came for free with slap skateboard magazine, but you had to pick up in a skate shop, not just in a bookstore or whatever. apparently at this time, WU had a skate company (??) that sponsored now-zoo york rider kevin taylor. what up. the mix itself is off the chain.

love youu!


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could you possibly send me side B, or whenever i drop by next? it doesnt like my computer. side a epic though..

Comment by Z

that picture of garret is probably too good for words.

Comment by lauradical

Did you pick that amazing picture of Juvy because his asian-style nolia boy tattoos relate perfectly to the wu-tang tape?

Comment by DP

^my style comes subconsciously?

Comment by darinka

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