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slow ya roll.
February 26, 2008, 16:59
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i got money in tha bank!! shorty what you drank!!


have you seen ATL? it’s really good – no lie.
(let’s hope that T.I. writes some good raps while he’s locked up)

there is a drink, or should i say drank, coming out of houston…it is called drank. it is being marketed as an “anti-energy” drink. i did a little bit of research and the active ingredients are valerian root, melatonin, rose hips. valerian apparently gets you buzzed off just smelling it and melatonin cures seasonal affective disorder a.k.a. this drink is perfect for me. i doubt it will ever makes its way this far north, but..fingers crossed.
speaking of things you can’t get in canada….GLACEAU VITAMIN WATER. goddamn, i am so down with it.
get some.

i know it’s weezy wednesday tomorrow but i’m probably going up to seymour and getting too burnt out to blaaaawg. SO…here is a video of lil’ wayne in grade 7, playing a munchkin in “the wiz.” (no homo).

it was taken from a newspaper article about lil’ wayne visiting his old high school.
this is the highlight:

He smiled, strolled into the art room and settled into a green vinyl chair as a wave of excitement rippled through the room. Cook [Cook is the art teacher -ed.] discreetly asked him to hike up his jeans — students aren’t allowed to let their pants sag. He laughed and ignored her.

i love you lil’ wayne.

i’m feelin’ like a black republican…nah, i can’t call it. more like a black democrat runnin’ outta office (get out), young baraka obama – i’m all for it.

peace y’all,
darina “slow your roll” novotny


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i was actually looking forward to seeing weezy wednesday on wednesday but i’m please nevertheless. as for the no energy drink… word.

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