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ishmael with fishscale
February 6, 2008, 11:12
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so don’t even bother with that g-unit mixtape, it’s pretty wack. but get that clipse shit, it’s fucking offff the chaaaain!!

so last night i got the worst news of my life…
me and cough syrup are NOT a match made in rapper heaven.
as you may or may not know, PIMP C died early in December (RIP PIMP C). not only did he die two days before UGK got their first grammy nomination, he was only 33 years old. so, the coroner’s report finally came in, and it has been ruled that C died of a combination of sizzurp and sleep apnea.
now, what is so horrifying about all of this is not that i happen to suffer from sleep apnea as well – but that i will likely now never be able to foster an addiction to cough syrup. this is a bad thing. now things with lil’ wayne and i will never work out…
it also shows that 8 cups of water a day cannot be replaced with 8 cups of codeine & promethazine. no. apparently, that kills you at a very young age. and based on an average age at death of various people who have had syrup-induced endings, i estimate that lil’ wayne has approximately 5 or so years remaining. this is a bad thing. but, as long as i can’t feel my face comes out before then, i’m straight….
oh yeah, that coroner’s report info came from the houston chronicle, whose website happens to be


i guess all the good ones are taken. i had a looksee to find out if was taken, and to my dismay…it was. enter at your own risk, though.

anyhow, i’m going to cut it short, because i wrote this yesterday morning and forgot to post it and now i don’t know what else i was going to write and it’s technically weezy wednesday and my girl mansa gave me THE BEST IDEA EVER, so i’m gonna go get started on that.

the more i smoke/the smaller the philly get,


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