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what you lose on the swings…
February 3, 2008, 03:56
Filed under: the bourgeoisie & the rebel

…you get back on the roundabouts.

i am reading a book of roald dahl’s short stories (for adults) and i just finished a story called mrs. bixby and the colonel’s coat and it is one of my favorite things that i’ve ever read. i’m in the process of trying to find it online so that you can read it but its almost 4 and i had a long day and realistically, it’s probably not going to happen.
instead, i will grace you with cat power’s new album, jukebox.


isn’t she beautiful?
the album is all covers, other than one song which is her tribute to bob dylan. i hear there is also some kind of bonus disc but i’ll have to get my searchbar on if i wanna track that down, so maybe i’ll save that aspiration for tomorrow.

love y’all.


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Comment by DP

Comment by DP

“Wu-tang was a mind control thing, it was something that the government knew was going to be the hottest shit on earth.”

Please get to part 3.

Comment by DP

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