love your city

squad up
February 29, 2008, 18:33
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man, do i love her? nahhhhhwwww.

i just love her spirit.

light leaks are fun.

my friend brock is visiting.

my friend joel (& co.) visited last week.

it has been really really beautiful in vancouver lately.


slow ya roll.
February 26, 2008, 16:59
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i got money in tha bank!! shorty what you drank!!


have you seen ATL? it’s really good – no lie.
(let’s hope that T.I. writes some good raps while he’s locked up)

there is a drink, or should i say drank, coming out of houston…it is called drank. it is being marketed as an “anti-energy” drink. i did a little bit of research and the active ingredients are valerian root, melatonin, rose hips. valerian apparently gets you buzzed off just smelling it and melatonin cures seasonal affective disorder a.k.a. this drink is perfect for me. i doubt it will ever makes its way this far north, but..fingers crossed.
speaking of things you can’t get in canada….GLACEAU VITAMIN WATER. goddamn, i am so down with it.
get some.

i know it’s weezy wednesday tomorrow but i’m probably going up to seymour and getting too burnt out to blaaaawg. SO…here is a video of lil’ wayne in grade 7, playing a munchkin in “the wiz.” (no homo).

it was taken from a newspaper article about lil’ wayne visiting his old high school.
this is the highlight:

He smiled, strolled into the art room and settled into a green vinyl chair as a wave of excitement rippled through the room. Cook [Cook is the art teacher -ed.] discreetly asked him to hike up his jeans — students aren’t allowed to let their pants sag. He laughed and ignored her.

i love you lil’ wayne.

i’m feelin’ like a black republican…nah, i can’t call it. more like a black democrat runnin’ outta office (get out), young baraka obama – i’m all for it.

peace y’all,
darina “slow your roll” novotny

diamonds on my damn chain
February 25, 2008, 22:25
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what does it mean when a pack of pall mall cigarettes on the floor of a shit stained “honey bucket” remind you of a dear friend?

new amerykah
February 22, 2008, 11:45
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i’ve been aloof. but i’m back on the grind.<3

miss badu’s latest has leaked…
get it here.

Label…………….: Universal
Genre…………….: R&B
StoreDate…………: Feb-26-2008
Source……………: CDDA
Size……………..: 75,6 MB
Total Playing Time…: 59:01

01. Erykah Badu – Amerykahn Promise 04:16
02. Erykah Badu – The Healer 03:59
03. Erykah Badu – Me 05:37
04. Erykah Badu – My People 03:25
05. Erykah Badu – Soldier 05:04
06. Erykah Badu – The Cell 04:21
07. Erykah Badu – Twinkle 06:57
08. Erykah Badu – Master Teacher 06:48
09. Erykah Badu – That Hump 05:25
10. Erykah Badu – Telephone 07:48
11. Erykah Badu – Bonus Track 05:21

technical difficulties
February 8, 2008, 12:36
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weezy wednesday and all following posts have been postponed until photoshop and i make peace.

ishmael with fishscale
February 6, 2008, 11:12
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so don’t even bother with that g-unit mixtape, it’s pretty wack. but get that clipse shit, it’s fucking offff the chaaaain!!

so last night i got the worst news of my life…
me and cough syrup are NOT a match made in rapper heaven.
as you may or may not know, PIMP C died early in December (RIP PIMP C). not only did he die two days before UGK got their first grammy nomination, he was only 33 years old. so, the coroner’s report finally came in, and it has been ruled that C died of a combination of sizzurp and sleep apnea.
now, what is so horrifying about all of this is not that i happen to suffer from sleep apnea as well – but that i will likely now never be able to foster an addiction to cough syrup. this is a bad thing. now things with lil’ wayne and i will never work out…
it also shows that 8 cups of water a day cannot be replaced with 8 cups of codeine & promethazine. no. apparently, that kills you at a very young age. and based on an average age at death of various people who have had syrup-induced endings, i estimate that lil’ wayne has approximately 5 or so years remaining. this is a bad thing. but, as long as i can’t feel my face comes out before then, i’m straight….
oh yeah, that coroner’s report info came from the houston chronicle, whose website happens to be


i guess all the good ones are taken. i had a looksee to find out if was taken, and to my dismay…it was. enter at your own risk, though.

anyhow, i’m going to cut it short, because i wrote this yesterday morning and forgot to post it and now i don’t know what else i was going to write and it’s technically weezy wednesday and my girl mansa gave me THE BEST IDEA EVER, so i’m gonna go get started on that.

the more i smoke/the smaller the philly get,

i got it 4 cheap
February 4, 2008, 13:11
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gather round.

when the last clipse album, hell hath no fury, came out it was pretty much all i ever listened to for a good 3 weeks. that was my jam time and time again and i was itching for more and more. you know how sometimes rarely you hear a new album by an artist and already you’re so overly excited for the next one to come out?? all you want is more more more. i think the fact that these guys came up selling yay, maybe there is a reason that their music is equally addictive. anyhow – so, when whispers of a new clipse album came about, i was fiending pretty heavy. i also knew that a new album could only mean one thing – a new mixtape…

and that brings up to: we got it 4 cheap vol.3, hosted by dj drama.

except that the version i am upping is mary j. blige – no more drama. because i’m nice like that. actually, it’s just because nahright and smokingsection are nice like that.
here is the front and back. i hope you guys like it!

if not, here is something you will be sure to like:

this is a mixtape by my homies pat and ian and a blog called discobelle. it’s a mix for some tradeshow going down in the M-I-A-ohhh (niggas rich off yayo). download it here. if you can’t move your body to this, check yo self.

and if none of that toots your horn, then you may or may not be interested in the new g-unit mixtape – return of the body snatchers (this is 50 vol.1), with whoo kid. any takers? i haven’t actually heard it yet, so i can’t really promote it, but at worst it’ll be good for some laughs.

peas and karats.