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and i been high off the doobie six inches ago
January 31, 2008, 03:17
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gosh, here we are. weezy wednesday. i’ve been waiting all week for this and now it’s here i have so much to say that i don’t even know where to start.

actually, i’ll start with birthday wishes to my giiiirl laura.


you know what’s fucking weird? people in vancouver carry umbrellas when it snows. that to me, is the weiiirdest shit in the world. i guess maybe it’s because it’s kind of a wet rain but i guess maybe it’s also because people in vancouver are pussies.
today i was walking behind this sorta thick girl in lululemon pants and bleached blond hair and shit. her ass was actually SO hypnotizing that i actually could not look away. IT WAS SO BIG. but not just big, but incredibly bouncy and full of life. she must use Outrageous shampoo on her ass or something. anyways, because i couldn’t look away i actually ended up walking past where i had to be by half a block. damn girl, don’t hurt it.


let’s get down to business.

welcome to weezy wednesdays.
basically, because lil’ wayne has pretty much become a hobby for me, i thought i could share some of them gems i come across. here you can expect to find all things lil’ wayne… songs, mixtapes, entertaining photos, favorite quotes, etc., ARE YOU IN THAT MOOD YET? i hope no one feels ostracized.

reason # 380 that lil’ wayne and i should be best friends: we have the same shoe size (i think codeine stunts your growth).


so, our friend d-wayne michael carter recently got himself into a little bit of trouble

[from wiki] Lil’ Wayne had a .44 caliber pistol…a K-9 Unit recovered 105 grams of marijuana (3.7 ounces), almost 29 grams of cocaine (1.02 ounces), 41 grams of Ecstasy (1.05 ounces) and $22,000 dollars in cash. He has since been released on bail of $10,185.

fun fact: lil’ wayne’s wikipedia cannot be altered by noobs…“editing of this article by unregistered or newly registered users is currently disabled due to vandalism.”

you’ve gotta wonder what that additional $185 is for. anyways, so let’s just ponder this excerpt from a recent interview in XXL:

Do drugs factor into your creativity?
I like my weed. I don’t drink too much alcohol. I don’t like how nasty that shit tastes. But fuck rapping – I can’t function without my weed. Period. [ed.-reason #5933 that lil’ wayne + me = BFFS]
Are you more creative when you’re high?
Shit, I don’t know. I never really stop to say “Oh, I done this song like this.” So I wouldn’t know. Personally, I don’t think so, though.
You always have the Styrofoam cup, and it’s syrup in there, right? I mean, you’ve said it in your songs.
Yeah. That’s not drugs. That’s medication.
Right. Do you do other drugs?
Nah, just syrup and weed.


maybe all that coke and e was just for his friends.

anyhow: here is a great lil’ wayne song called pussy, money, weed. ❤

well champs, it’s been grand and i wish i could share some more lil’ wayne with you, but i am tired as a motherfucker and there is a box of mini-wheats out there that is calling my name.
stay crazy, blaze daily.



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Sick lil’ wayne coverage. Peep the “Love like this” by natasha bedingfield … weezy has a fun verse. jeru …thursday the 7th ottawa… Wooooo

Comment by Gustle_Dfp

Hell yeah D. Thats kind of funny about what lil wayne getting arrested. But who care 22k on em?

Comment by aj.

brap boop!

Comment by DP

can we discuss how weezy looks exactly like THE PREDATOR?? can we do that please?

Comment by mansa

what a wonderful idea for this weeks installment of weezy wednesday!

Comment by darinka

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