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hello anthropocene!
January 29, 2008, 04:53
Filed under: trill

ohfuckineedtogetupin3hours. i am taking on another jay oh bee, just 2 days a week. with floRRRRR. like from Spanglish. should be pretty hype if you ask me.

so i read today that we have entered a new geologic epoch. the article said:
“Say goodbye to the 10,000-year-old Holocene Epoch and hello to the Anthropocene.”
haaaaaaaaaaaaay. basically we’ve fucked Mother Earth in the ass one too many times and she ain’t having it no mo’. it’s not official but i guess a bunch of scientists are pushing for it. that’s pretty messed up, no? the majority of this damage has only happened very recently. shiiiiiiiiiiiit.
something else that is pretty messed up is the family i saw up on some nature hiking path thing on the north shore…filling jugs full of spring water trickling down from the mountain…from the back of their massive SUV that was running. it was so ironic i wanted to cry. wu tang is for the babies. and so is the earth. please exist with care.

if you have nothing to do tomorrow at 12: 33 EST (that 3:33 for you wesssyyyders), you could whip out a telescope and peep the asteroid that is coming really close to earth but not close enough to cause concern. i think it may be visible to the naked eye if it’s clear out, but you don’t want to take the chance.

so fuck that mos def show, the price has gone up $20 and is now SIXTY DOLLARS. suck a dick (no homo). vancouver promoters are the worst.

if you hadn’t hurt my feelings so bad with the neglect of that lil’ wayne song, i would have put the new erykah badu jaaam here (with video).

please poncho,


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