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do you want to go smoke a hyun JAE?
January 27, 2008, 05:06
Filed under: trill, weezy wednesdays

yeah, that’s what i thought.

okay, so i lied earlier. about the blog thing. when i was really young and i had the internets waaaaaaaay before any of my friends, i really wanted to make my own website. and at this time, there was no “blogosphere.” just urls that i had to find funds for. and my main source of funds at this time was ma dukes. and she thought it silly to pay for me to make a website about orcas, and that was that. so here i am, 15 or so years later, making a blog. it won’t be about orcas. not every day, at least.

so i was going to wait until Weezy Wednesday (oh, you’ll see) but then i couldn’t contain myself anymore, so we are having a quasi-Weezy saturday. oh fuck it’s 4 am i had no idea. anyways, so this next song is in honour of 1. lil’ wayne 2. you 3. the fucking dj at republic who wouldn’t play lil’ wayne….actually, speaking of, i was so disgusted with the dj not playing some lil’ wayne that i threw up in republic so the bouncers kicked me out an then some other embarassing shit happened and then today…I FELT LIKE DYING.

and so i present to you: lil’ wayne – i feel like dying

also, the video for ‘pop bottles’ is amazing, as is the fact that they bleep the word “bandanna.” maybe if we don’t talk about it, it will go away.

you heard the man, buy now!

and, in today’s installment of things you can learn from lil’ wayne:
cristal + sizzurp = crizzurp.

also, if anyone could tell me what kind of hats weezy & baby are wearing, i would really appreciate it. ice cube has also been known to rock one, in black. what is that squiggly ‘W’ for??

in other news, my dear friend laura opened up a whole new realm for me today. if it’s not enough that this comes from a site called ‘Weird Asia News,’ they hit you blaow with the most heartwrenchingly beautiful story about forbidden love. long story short: man and his lady run off to the hills of china and live in a cave. and he hand carves her 6000 stairs so that she can walk up and down the mountain at her leisure. please just read it because i am doing it no justice and if anything, the pictures are amazing.

alright my friends, all my steam is gone. more tomorrow! please poncho.


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Old. Asian. Cute. Amazing.

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